CFWC Southern District, 17 Woman's Clubs


The GFWC,CFWC Southern District  Woman's Club is a member of the California Federation of Women's Clubs.

Congratulations to our new 2020 District President, Martha Pritchard!
Martha's Theme for her term of office is:
"Roses are the Friends in the Garden of Life"

Due to the Quarantine, The CFWC Southern District Woman's Clubs are not holding our  regular meetings. However, this has not stopped our club members from continuing to participate in community affairs and needs.  Many of our clubs have been making masks and donating them where needed! We hope to get back to normal soon, but until them, STAY HOME AND STAY SAFE!!! My love to all of you! Webmaster Pat
      CFWC Mission Statement                                    

The California Federation of Women's Clubs is part of an international community service organization which provides education, training and interaction opportunities for volunteers who are committed to individual growth and community improvement to enrich the quality of life throughout California and the world.

                  General Federation of Women's Clubs 

   GFWC, the world's largest and oldest non- partisan, non-denominational woman's volunteer service organization, was founded in 1890.

   GFWC traces its roots back to Jane Cunningham Croly an accomplished New York newspaperwoman, who wrote under the pen name of Jennie June.

    Indignant that she and other women were denied admittance to a banquet honoring Charles Dickens in 1868 at the all-male New York Press Club, simply because they were women. She was determined to organize a club for women only.

   The name chosen for this club was Sorosis, a Greek word meaning an aggregation; a sweet flavor of many fruits.

   Although the founders originally supposed they were starting a new movement, they became aware over the years, of the existence of other women's clubs that had formed independently to meet the needs of women in the expanding country.

   As Sorosis approached its 21st year, Mrs. Croly proposed a conference in New York that brought together delegates from 61 women?s international clubs among its members.

   Although women's clubs were founded primarily as a means of self-education and development for women, gradually the emphasis of most local clubs changed to one of community service and improvement and later adopted the motto "Unity in Diversity" The ladies chose the Golden Rose as their club flower.

   The small banding together of existing clubs that began in 1890 has grown into the largest organization for women  volunteers in the world,        

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While we sincerely wish we could all be gathered with our dearest community members indulging in our amazing participating restaurants, this year we are taking a different approach to give back twice! In past years restaurants and business owners generously donated every single taste our participants experienced! We all ended our nights stuffed to the brim and loved indulging in every single bite!This year, our amazing restaurants and businesses have faced unforeseen challenges and obstacles! They have had to completely reinvent everything they knew before. They?ve been thrown curve ball after curve ball week by week. We considered canceling for 2020 and hoping to come back with a bang in 2021 but saw an incredible opportunity to promote and support them the best we knew how!That is how we came up with A Taste of Coronado 2020 (COVID-19 EDITION). Participants are welcome to purchase individual tickets, table for 2, or household/family tickets. Participating restaurants will have incentives all day long on October 20, 2020. Some restaurants are offering 20% off food, others are creating gifts with purchase, businesses are offering 20% off discounts as well! We tailored everything to best benefit the restaurants some will offer in dining discounts, while others will offer take out discounts. We are hopeful that the community will come together for an all-day taste to show the LOVE to our restaurants and businesses that make Coronado so special!We appreciate your generous donation to our community and support of our restaurants and businesses! Sincerely,Coronado Junior Woman's Club

Event Information:?A Taste of Coronado COVID-19 Edition?Tuesday, October 20, 2020?EXPERIENCE CORONADO'S ALL DAY DISCOUNT DAY!?Tickets are on sale now?INDIVIDUAL $20?TABLE FOR 2 $35?HOUSEHOLD TABLE $50?City of Coronado?This year?s proceeds benefit CJWC while supporting our local restaurants and businesses.?Hosted by the Coronado Junior Woman?s Club?Contact info:; 619.857.9564


Contact us at


P.O. BOX 5243
CHULA VISTA, CA. 91912-5243

  CFWC Southern District Woman's Club

Member: General Federation of Women’s Clubs, Int’l.

Originally a part of San Diego County Federation of Women’s Clubs

Admitted to CFWC – 1900   Admitted to GFWC – 1950

CFWC Reorganization Adopted – May 1955

Reorganized into Southern District 26 CFWC – 1958

Incorporated – May 11, 1966 

GFWC Motto: Unity in Diversity

GFWC Official Flower: Red Rose

CFWC Motto: Strength United is Stronger

CFWC Official Flower: Golden Rose