CFWC Southern District, 17 Woman's Clubs


The GFWC,CFWC Southern District  Woman's Club is a member of the California Federation of Women's Clubs.



Southern District Board Meeting  

 Wednesday, October 16    La Mesa

Bostonia Woman's Club Halloween Bunko

Saturday, October 19   El Cajon VFW

2019 Hope Rally

Walk and Resource Fair

In Observation of Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Walk begins at 9:30 a.m.

El Cajon Police Dept-100Civic Center Way, El Cajon

Bonita Holidays Craft Show

October 24 & 25 -10:00a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
October 26 - 10:00a.m. to4:00 p.m.

Sweetwater Woman's Club
3855 Sweetwater Rd , Bonita

Southern District General Meeting      

Wednesday, November 20       Sweetwater Woman?s Club


Southern District Holiday Tea   

Saturday, December 21       Elks Lodge, Chula Vista


Southern District General Meeting      

Wednesday, January 15            Sweetwater Woman?s Club


Southern District Board Meeting         

Wednesday, February 19   La Mesa


Southern District Festival of Arts          

Saturday, February 29   Lakeside VFW


CFWC Spring Board Meetings   

February 27-29    Sacramento


Southern District General Meeting   

Wednesday, March 18        Sweetwater Woman?s Club


Southern District Board Meeting    

Wednesday, April 15   La Mesa


Southern District Convention    

Saturday, April 25 ?




                                               CFWC Mission Statement

The California Federation of Women's Clubs is part of an international community service organization which provides education, training and interaction opportunities for volunteers who are committed to individual growth and community improvement to enrich the quality of life throughout California and the world.

                  General Federation of Women’s Clubs 

   (GFWC), the world’s largest and oldest non- partisan, non-denominational woman’s volunteer service organization, was founded in 1890.

   GFWC traces its roots back to Jane Cunningham Croly an accomplished New York newspaperwoman, who wrote under the pen name of Jennie June.

    Indignant that she and other women were denied admittance to a banquet honoring Charles Dickens in 1868 at the all-male New York Press Club, simply because they were women. She was determined to organize a club for women only.

   The name chosen for this club was Sorosis, a Greek word meaning ‘an aggregation; a sweet flavor of many fruits.’

   Although the founders originally supposed they were starting a new movement, they became aware over the years, of the existence of other women’s clubs that had formed independently to meet the needs of women in the expanding country.

   As Sorosis approached its 21st year, Mrs. Croly proposed a conference in New York that brought together delegates from 61 women’s international clubs among its members.

   Although women’s clubs were founded primarily as a means of self-education and development for women, gradually the emphasis of most local clubs changed to one of community service and improvement and later adopted the motto ‘Unity in Diversity’. The ladies chose      the ‘Gold Rose’ as their club flower.

   The small banding together of existing clubs that began in 1890 has grown into the largest organization for women volunteers in the world.

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              CFWC Southern District Woman's Club
                         President  Denise Berrian                       

Contact us at


P.O. BOX 5243
CHULA VISTA, CA. 91912-5243

  CFWC Southern District Woman's Club

Member: General Federation of Women’s Clubs, Int’l.

Originally a part of San Diego County Federation of Women’s Clubs

Admitted to CFWC – 1900   Admitted to GFWC – 1950

CFWC Reorganization Adopted – May 1955

Reorganized into Southern District 26 CFWC – 1958

Incorporated – May 11, 1966 

GFWC Motto: Unity in Diversity

GFWC Official Flower: Red Rose

CFWC Motto: Strength United is Stronger

CFWC Official Flower: Golden Rose